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Hi Oksana!!!

I would guess your back in your home state by now so I'm sending you this note. First let me thank you for the great time I had in Punta Cana. Oksana by far exceeded any and all expectations that I had about meeting someone on this trip. She is such a wonderful person inside as well as outside beauty.

I've sent her a welcome home email to read when she reaches Almaty.

I still can't believe my good fortunes in meeting her and have been pinching myself all week trying to see if I was dreaming or is this for real. This is all real isn't it???? I really could use reassurance because I fell for Oksana completely.

I have made an appointment with my lawyer for next week and I've been shopping for a ring all week and have my heart set on a few different choices at this point.

I just don't quite understand myself after this trip. I've dated quite a few American woman and I never got the feelings inside that are going thru me now. The last time I felt like this was when I was young and haven’t felt this way in years. You probably know that feeling where you get butterflies in your stomach. I've always been a realist and very practical in my thoughts and I'm trying to evaluate what happened. Could it be love so soon??? Does it ever happen so quickly??? You have probably seen this many times with what you do.

Once again thank you and hope to keep in touch as things develop. Next trip it's off to Almaty to deliver her ring!!!

Take care of yourself!!



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