Встреть Мужчину Своей Мечты
Наши счастливые девушки и их мужчины, нашедшие своё счастье и любовь с помощью OksanaLove

Hello Oksana,

Thank you for your help and for such a wonderful site. I know I have found my dream girl, all that’s left is the date to seal the deal!!! ha ha

Your team rocks Oksana, all of you!! I have become good friends with Radik. He has been extremely helpful and courteous to me as well as your whole staff. I look forward to meeting the whole Almaty crew soon!! The dates I am looking for are anytime after Sept. 11. I want to have an 8 day private tour which is what I want to book. So I figured 10 days allowing one day for travel each way and 8 days there in Almaty.

Let me know as soon as you can on any leads for airfare. Thanks again, you are awesome!!





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