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Наши счастливые девушки и их мужчины, нашедшие своё счастье и любовь с помощью OksanaLove

I just wanted to write a testimonial for Oksana Boichenko of Oksanalove.com and DateCruise.com.

When I had decided to look for a relationship abroad, I did some research to try to determine which of the many sites would be best to use. I chose Oksana’s website after speaking with her and noticing the extra care and concern she seemed to have in matching people up with someone who would truly make them happy. It appeared she did this not only as a job but because she genuinely wanted to help people find true love. I knew the qualities I was looking for and relayed them to Oksana. She worked diligently to find someone who matched everything that I was looking for.

After finding the girl that was a match for me, Oksana recommended a trip to the Dominican Republic where I would have a chance to get to know her better in a neutral romantic setting. Before leaving for the trip she also helped with a translated conference call so that the two of us could feel more comfortable with each other. It was obvious that Oksana really wanted to see the relationship work out well for both of us with the time and effort she put into helping develop the relationship.

Before going any further, it is important to note that Oksana introduces men to real women. They are not some mail order bride or visa seeking lady that just wants a better life. They are nice girls who are looking for love with someone who they can truly care about. While this means that it will take some more work to develop a relationship, the relationship developed is a real one built on true love giving it the potential to last. Not every relationship will be successful, but the opportunity is there and it will be with a girl that fits what the person is looking for.

Once in the Dominican Republic, it truly is a chance to develop a loving relationship. The girl is already thankful for being taken on a tropical vacation and knows the man is a kind and generous man. Once there, if the guy treats the woman like a real lady and shows her he truly cares about her, anything is possible.  It is also a place to make great friends as well.

While I was in the Dominican Republic, Oksana was there to help advise me on what steps to take to bridge the cultural gap and ensure that my true feelings of care were being expressed. She was willing to stay up late at night and talk about how things were going, not because she had to but because she truly cared. Being at a resort with so many activities also gave me the opportunity to go with my new girlfriend to a bunch of exciting and romantic activities like swimming with the dolphins, a safari, and horseback riding on the beach at sunset. Things that she will always remember. I truly do recommend doing activities while you are there because those memories will always last. As I found out later, the trip truly does mean a lot.

A lot of sites like to make promises or just show you pictures of beautiful women but the girls turn out to either not be real or the girls are real but you are left with no guidance on how to develop the relationship or even visiting them. Oksana is determined to help good people find love. She works crazy hours and weekends just so she does not need to turn away people who need her.

When I returned from the Dominican Republic, my relationship was really developing well. I knew I wanted to visit her in the Ukraine and meet her family. Oksana helped me plan my trip to the Ukraine, arrange for a place for me to stay, and even arrange for my girlfriend to meet me at the airport with the taxi driver. I had a wonderful time in the Ukraine and proposed to my girlfriend and she accepted making it one of the best days of my life. It was almost surreal to be holding the girl of my dreams in my arms as she wore my engagement ring and looked into my eyes telling me she loved me. It is a moment I will remember as long as I live.

While with my fiancée in the Ukraine, I asked her at what point she started to realize that I could be the guy she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. She told me that toward the end of the trip at the Dominican Republic she started to see what a good guy I was and how happy she was with me. She admitted that at first she was shy and it took her a little while to get comfortable. But that once she spent more time with me she knew she did not want it to end. At that point I was truly happy that I stayed for a full 8 days with her! In fact, I only wished it could have been longer! I then asked her when she was certain she wanted to be my wife. She told me that when she saw me walking toward her at the airport she knew she never wanted to let me go again. This is important too. As Oksana had told me, making that extra effort and showing the girl that you really care, not just saying it, truly does pay off. A lot of guys tell girls they care or want to meet their families or see where they are from but never do it. It is a big transition for a girl to move half way around the world, even for a much better life. It is very important for her to know she can trust you and depend on you.

When I returned and showed Oksana my engagement photos and told her what happened she was truly thrilled for me like she was a part of my family. She then even gave me the name of her friend to use to help me and my fiancée file the visa paperwork. As Oksana promised, she was there for every step of the relationship.

That is why I would recommend using Oksana’s websites. She will be as determined to see you happy as you are. She will help you find a girl that will make you happy and that you can make happy. She knows what she is doing. So, please, take my advice, and listen when she talks. She truly does want to help you. If you are just looking to meet a nice girl, there are plenty of them on her site and she has talked to each of them personally. While I was in the Dominican Republic, I had the chance to know quite a few of them and they all had nice things to say about Oksana and trusted her. If you feel that you have more specific criteria and are very particular about what you are looking for, then I would recommend her personalized matchmaker service where she works diligently as your agent to find that perfect girl for you. Either way, she is a great person to have helping you on what is probably the most important decision of your life. Finding a good wife to spend your life with can make all the difference in the world. I would also recommend going to the Dominican Republic, staying for at least a full week, and doing activities while you are there. It is a great setting to fall in love, create memories, and leave a great impression. Plus, having Oksana there to help you is definitely a huge advantage! It will still be up to you to make the girl of your dreams fall in love with you, but Oksana will give you all the tools to succeed, the perfect setting, and the advice necessary to make it possible. It may not be a guarantee, but with all those things going for you, as long as you are a good guy and show the girl you truly care as much as you did in your letters, your chances are pretty good in making both her and your dreams come true!


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