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Hello, Oksana
Having just returned from Punta Cana, i thought it right that i should let people know of what to expect on such a wonderful trip. I know that everybodies experience will be different but if you make the effort you will not forget the wonderful time you will have. The villa is exception with great rooms and atmosphere, the girls are as lovly as there pictures and you can be rest assured of a friendly warming welcome. The idylic setting just off the beach is just pere perfection and the people are all very welcoming throughout the resort.

My time with Margarita was perfect and the chance to spend every day in relaxation, and in each others company gave us both a great opportunity to get to know each other a lot better, with this blossoms a true romance and i'm sure that in the future things will develop further, i am already looking at meeting her again in Almaty and looking at the options for our future. All i can say is that the trip of a lifetime is waiting for you and if you actually take that plunge and go, then i can assure you of a wonderful warm and heart felt experience, one you will not forget and your love for the woman you are writing to will grow quicker than by writing alone.

My time was there was wonderful and i am sure that yours will be too.

Keith Sneddon
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