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hi oksana,

i am truly thankful that i found your web site and so very very much grateful for you and making my dreams come true. i know me and irina have so much still to do as documents , but i told you before i feel this is it , meaning i found my love and i feel irina found hers too ! all of this is because of you...that is why i gave you that painting of the clown, that paintings meaning is you care for people and helping them find each other, fall in love, and become a married couple. the center of the painting is YOU(the clown) and all the balloons are all the lifes you care for, that you take each balloon(a woman) and bring another balloon(a man) and bring them together to find each other better with the hope of a future. many colors are many kinds of personalities.

oksana you should be proud of what your doing and i know it is a wonderful thing of you, such a big heart, caring person, and doing randon acts of kindness...thank you !!

here is a small story of myself...

i was married for many years but we had many problems with bad luck and health issues with family members that as a couple we were never abe to enjoy life. sad but true but sometimes this is life and i accepted this and made the best of it. i do not want anyone to think i am a perfect man because no one is perfect but i do my best when ever and i stay positive. so after years past my x wife decided she had enough and wanted more of something i could not give her...she enjoyed gambling and started to drink heavy. so she left me for another man who was wealther and could give her more of what she wanted ... so she left and i told HER "i hope your happy".

a year past after we got divorced and i had settled into the new house with my kids i always knew i wanted to be with a woman from russia / ukraine because a friend of mine has a woman from russia and she was so nice, kind, thoughtful and her beauty inside and outside was what i wanted. he told me how devoted she is, loved being a mother, loved him and he loved her endlessly she was so family oriented....again thats what i want !!!

so i started looking at web sites and used anastasia, and 2 other ones that made many promises, but never did what they siad they would do. it was very miss leading. i went to the ukraine twice with the one agency that told me i would meet the woman i was writing but when i got there none of them were there, there were other girls but none that were serious about marriage. i met one girl on my second trip there and though she was " the one " but it was a scam and i spent alot of money that i really didnt have but in the name of love and the love i had for her i did what was what i thought the right thing but only had my heart broken with lies and broken promises .

so oksana i gave myself some time to recover from being hurt and really was thinking that it was not meant to be for me to have my dream woman ! so one day i was surfing the inter net and i saw your web site saying to met russian / ukraine woman in punta cana !! i said to myself WOW this is to good to be true !! si went on your site to see all about it and what was the details of everything. i really liked what i read and so i started to search the woman profiles and wrote some letters to see what kind of responses i would recieve. then i wanted to talk to you and if you remember i called you a couple times to see if this all was for real. i always hoped you understood why i asked so many questions was because of what i went through before and i wanted my heart not to be broken again.

as soon as talked to you there was an overwelming calm over me and i knew that you will make my dreams come true !

so i had 3 woman in mind to meet but as you knew as the one at first i really liked but we both knew her age was a problem and almost unrealistic. the other woman i liked but i felt she was not the one and i just had this inner feeling she was not right for me but wanted to meet her. as you know i did some drawings of the two girls and the second one i did a drawling of while i was drawing her there was the best feeling for me and i knew i had to meet her to see if eling true...well as soon as i saw her my heart went crazy ! i had to be with her, i had to hear her voice and know her thoughts. when we went for that walk on monday night i think me and irina both knew we would be together !! do you remember when we came back we had a talk just the three of us and had questions that needed to be answered?? well after we all talked you asked me how i felt and then asked if i wanted to talk with the other girls ... well i said that i think yes i should talk with other , but i did not tell you the truth then, i knew that at the time it an answer to you that i should have never said to you because i did not want to talk with others , i wanted irina !!

so that night i went to bed and could not sleep and again if you remember i told you that morning, tuesday morning that i do not want any one else , i wanted irina ! if you only knew how bad i felt inside myself monday night when i went to bed knowing i should have told irina right then and there she was the one, i felt like i maybe made her sad or in some way made her heart sad. i was so thankful when we saw wach other it was like we have been together for years and every minute it only got better for us. we talked and talked and with everything we talked about it was what we both wanted, truly amazing because i let her tell me her dreams first so i would know her true feelings.

i could not wait to give her the ring and wanted for it to be such a surprise and a amazing time that the way i did it with being in thefortune cookie that no one there knew what was happening and it was the best and to see your smile was great, but the way irina was speechless, the look on her face was such a great feeling to know how surprised she was and how her true feelings came out and more then anything how she showed me that she too loved me as much as i loved her .

thank you again and again oksana, sorry this letter is so long but i just wanted you to know how thankful i am and for you to know only a small part of my life and what i been through. i will tell you that this could be a book and this letter could go on even more but i think that this tells you much. i will be glad to write you a letter to use in your web site as a testamony but to tell you there was so much that happened to me in the past until now that it could be diffacult...hahaha the other thing there are so many people to thank like madina, liza but mainly you oksana because if you did not have your agency my dream would not be coming true!

i want you to know that not only my dreams came true but i feel that irinas dreams are coming true too, i think she knows that her life will be better and that she will be happy and will do her best to have a happy home for us. to be the woman i always wanted but i want her to know that her happiness means the world to me, for her to be happy with me as a man of her dreams, to be the lover i know i can be that has a huge heart, a very romantic man, a husband that will care for his family and i hope that elvira will let me be a father to her because i want her in my life as much as i want irina. irina and elvira are both very important to me and thier happiness is important as well. they need to know that here in america there is a big family ready to let them become apart of us, to be loved as family, to make sure that thier new life here will be like they have always lived here.

well oksana i think my short story is not done and many chapters still to write but for now i will say good bye and end this letter... hahaha but more to come

i will write a smaller version for your web site.. i promise or take parts of this letter and use it as you see fit for a testamony...ok

talk to you soon

your best friend, mark

luv2rd1bk (at) yahoo (dot) com

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