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Hi Oksana,

My flight back from Punta Ca was pretty good. The connection through Miami was easy and my friends delivered my car to the airport, so I was home by 12:30 in the morning even with a delay in Miami. How was your flight?

I was sad to leave such a nice group of people. Maybe I should quit my job and work for you in Punta Cana as a cabana boy ;^)

The trip was good. My reason for going as you know was very focused. I can see though that if you don't go to meet just one person it would be very different. Obviously your system works. I guess though to take full advantage of what you offer, one would communicate with several people before arriving so that options are open. If I was to return, I would do things differently and not be focused on one person. I would recommend you to a friend if I had someone looking for a partner. So in summary, I had a very positive impression.

Julia asked to keep the relationship going. In her words "I would like us to continue our relationship". I like her, she's very nice and she fits the profile of the type of woman I like. Of course I am realistic and she may be infatuated with the next man that comes along, but we'll see how things play out. I would be interested in your comments as you know her better than I. If I could combine the soul of Oxana, the fun of Madena in the body of Julia I would have close to perfection for me...

I feel badly about Oksana. I like her a great deal but I know that there will never be a romantic connection with us. I wish there would be, it would make things very easy, but there just isn't. I feel more of a brother / sister connection with her. I don't want her to be annoyed with Julia as it was Julia who I came to see.

If thinks don't continue with Julia and myself, I will continue my search through you. I'm amazed at how many very attractive (and nice personality) women come from Eastern Europe, especially Almaty.... who knew this place is a gold mine of beautiful women. The new girl, to which you sent me a link is beautiful.... another Almaty beauty..... what is with that place?? ;^)

I'd like to meet up with you again. You're really very nice and I'm impressed with your entrepreneurial flair. Your one smart lady with an excellent business model.

So either in Sacramento (I wont rely on your directions ;^) or here for sailing and maybe dinner at my yacht club.

Thank you for everything.


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