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My previous relationship was a 17 year engagement – that’s correct – 17 year engagement. I do not have an explanation for why we never married – we just didn’t. That relationship ended in September of 2008. Shortly after the split I posted a profile on Yahoo Personals – essentially on whim. Shortly after that I received a letter from a somewhat attractive “lady” named Lana. Long story short Lana was suppose to be from Philadelphia PA but her emails were being sent from Lugansk, Ukraine. Luckily I realized this was a scam/set up before I got scammed – I started doing research on internet dating scams and quickly found this article ( www.oksanalove.com/Lugansk_Ukraine.htm )by Oksana Boichenko which ultimate lead me to her site www.oksanalove.com.
Even though it was Oksana’s article about scams that brought me to her site, I was still very skeptical so I chose a free membership and proceeded with extreme caution. About a week before Christmas of 2008, VIP Olga wrote me a rather nice introductory letter. The fact that Olga was a VIP allowed me to communicate without any financial risk and so with nothing to lose I began a correspondence. Olga and I quickly developed a rapport and within a very short time I really felt like I had found what had been missing my whole life. In all honesty I doubt this is the norm. In the few months between my split and my correspondence with Olga I had developed a few correspondences with ladies from Ukraine through another site – while these ladies were all very nice, interesting and attractive, I wasn’t drawn to them the way I was to Olga.
At the end of March 09 I purchased tickets to visit Olga in Almaty in September 09. I wish I could say our relationship was all fairytale but unfortunately it wasn’t. Omitting the details, Olga was not available for a time (which initially seemed permanent) forcing me to make arrangements to meet other ladies while in Almaty. I did meet with a few ladies but as it turned out Olga became available to me again and when we met I just knew … I think she knew too … we had a pleasant first meeting and the next day we had a more serious discussion through an interpreter. Later that evening I asked Olga to marry me. It would be great if I had this wonderful story about how I did this really romantic thing and got down on one knee to ask her … but I don’t, I didn’t. I was so excited and so anxious that I just opened up the ring box, slid it across the table and asked – she said yes J
The ladies I met
Yulia 17695
Very intelligent, very pretty, great personality. Yulia and I met at a nice little café and had a very pleasant conversation. We were both looking for something different.
Julia 2284
I traded a few letters with Julia before engaging in some extremely pleasant phone conversation prior to my trip. I thought I had a pretty good idea of Julia’s personality. I was wrong … she just blew me away in person … she is really incredible … I think Julia looks really good in her photos but she is much prettier in person. Julia speaks good English and she is very intelligent and very engaging in conversation. Julia is a lot of fun and is going to make some guy extremely lucky and extremely happy. I would tell any man that Julia shows interest in to make the most of it … she is a catch.
Nataly 15413
I don’t want to just repeat the same things about each lady but the truth is they all are very intelligent, very attractive, with great personalities – Nataly is no exception. Nataly is very charismatic and I really would liked to have spent more time with her … except that would have meant less time with Olga and time with Olga is infinitely more important.
Tatyana 12950
This was a somewhat odd meeting because neither of us requested it and we had no prior correspondence. Tatyana is a little younger than what I was looking for and I am a bit older than what she is looking for. A blessing in disguise as it allowed us to converse without the pressure of a possible relationship compelling us to say the right things. Tatyana is wise beyond her years – and yes she is intelligent, attractive and has a great personality.
I was suppose to meet a few other ladies but those meetings were cancelled due to my and Olga’s engagement. The message I would like to convey to any man considering membership with Oksanalove, or deliberating over whether to start a correspondence with any of these ladies – don’t delay another moment. These are real women who are serious about finding a relationship. Their motivation is a better life (don’t we all want a better life) and to create a family. More importantly, they are looking for true love.
Last but not least, I can not say enough about Oksana and the assistance she provided. I really wouldn’t know where to begin – For every question I asked, Oksana had answers. She made herself available virtually 24/7 and was never anything short of accomodating. I would also recommend that if Oksana gives you some advice regarding a lady … take it.

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