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Hello Dear friends at Oksanalove Agency, I was really shocked to see you on the black list of the guy so called Jim. I want to tell you about my trips to Almaty and my time with the Agency. My first trip was in May 2007. I was a little nerveous.but I was meet at the airport by a man called Dima. A very good man and at my service the whole time I was in Almaty.The agency always answered my questions and always were truthful and of great help.I was well cared for there and never had any reserve about the agency the rest of the time I was there.The agency done everything they said they would and went way above and beyond the call of duty.I was also meet at the airport by the most wonderful woman in the world.I did not belive in love at first sight until that day. Tatyana was everything that the agency said she was and more.She was more beautiful than her photos. Tatyana is the love of my life and soon to be my wife .I would recommend Oksanalove Marriage agency to anyone in the world. As far as Jims black list goes when I ask him to give me information and prove all I heard was his words and as far as I am concerned they do not mean much. If you truely want love and a great woman Oksanalove is the way to go. If you have any questions my email is lennielee13(at)aol (dot)com I will be glad to get back with you.After 4 trips to Almaty I have always been helped in the same fashion.Like I was the only client that they have. Have a great day and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Lennie Lee lennielee13(at)aol (dot)com

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