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Hi Oksana I am back at home, back to the grind of life. I had a fantastic trip, I am still on cloud 9, I have never felt this happiness, that is in my heart right now. It was worth every penny, because I have found what I was looking for. Hopefully some of the other guys found what they were looking for. I need you to send everything that I need so that I can get started as soon as possible to start the process of getting the visa for Oksana. I see the girls have had some problems with their luggage in Kiev. Hopefully they get that resolved before they have to catch the train to Lugance. They sounded a little stressed out, after all that traveling. I talked to Oksana when she was in Kiev. Wanted also to thank you Sincerely Lex Part #2 Hi Oksana Just to let you know, everything went well in kiev, we had one document we had to go get in Lugansk, after the interview that they wanted. It was the name change after she had gotton married from her maiden name. We took the train to lugansk got everything done on Thursday, got back on the train Thursday night, dropped the paperwork off on Friday at the embassey. Now just waiting for fed ex to deliver the visa to Oksana in Lugansk. One other thing, could you take me off oksanalove.com, for Oksana for me, she just had herself taken off and she wanted me off, which I said I would do. I want to thank you very much for all your help, It was a great experience for me and Oksana, We want to both thank you for your site, for us meeting each other. Sincerly Lex
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