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Part Number 2. Asel and Dan Ray Hello, Dear Katherine. How are you doing? Whats new? Everything is just very, very, very wonderful with me!!! I am very happy with Dan. Everything is so great here!!! He actually has such a great house, not like it looked on the photos. I was very surprised. It is so cozy inside and Anel got her own room, and her own personal computer with access to the Internet, she has a new furniture in her room, so many all kinds of different toys, her own musical center, even separate bathroom she got. Dan made everything as he promised :-) He even prepared a pink bike for her!!! He is so awesome and he is such a good and caring man. He is treating my child so well, spoiling her, he cant seem to say No to her. Not long ago we went to the mountains to rest and to swim. The water there is so clearthere abd so warm, and the sand is like cotton balls so nice and soft! The nature is so beautiful, I never had seen so much greens in my life, the air is so fresh not like in Almaty. We had such a wonderful time. And also I love shops here, they are so huge, so much of a choice of everything, and the most interesting thing the goods are not expensive. In general it is so great here, I am so happy that we are finally together and with every day I feel that I am falling in love with Dan more and more. I am greatful to God, to you and to Elena for everything you did for me to help me to meet Dan. Thank you. Your Aselya and Dan :)
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