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Hello Oxana and Erich, I'll write both of you so read this to Erich also. Well, i'm back and i had a great time!! I nearly had a disaster but your mother and Sabina and Luva(i always mess up her name) came to the rescue and i did end up proposing to a lovely woman named Julia. When i got there and met with my main correspondence, Yana, she met me at the airport and we went out again Sat. and Sunday nights. Well, by Monday she thought i wouldn't be able to support her and her daughter. I was being totally honest about my situation with my kids and she felt I couldn't support her(i could support her and her daughter without any problems, but why argue?). So on this Monday morning when i was ready to propose and told of this i was heartbroken. Well, your mother helped me get a list together and by the time i was back at my hotel i had a meeting at 3pm, 6pm and 10pm that Monday. As i was going through my list your mother mentioned that i should meet Julia(1411). Her profile wasn't anything great but i said what the heck. So i met her on Tuesday at 3pm and even though she spoke no english Sabina did a great job translating for us. We talked til 7pm and then i had to run to meet another date at 7pm. This next girl was great also so i was in a dilema. I saw Julia again on Wed. night and the other girl couldn't see me until Friday so by the time i saw Julia again on Wednesday my mind was just about made up. By Thursday i thought of proposing and cancelled Friday's meeting with this other girl. So we went to the Cigar Club with Dima and i asked her and she said yes!! Julia is such a sweet girl and i am so glad i will have her in my life forever! I met her mother Saturday afternoon and asked for her daughter's hand. She grilled me with questions and she was very sad about the prospect of losing her daughter overseas. She said yes and now i am checking my schedule and will prepare to go back to Almaty to marry her. I saw Wayne(from Nevada) get married that first Saturday and we went out on Friday for a while. He's a great guy and Lena is a great wife for him. So i will need your help in getting another business visa and other travel plans and i will leave it to you and your mother's expertise in getting all of our paperwork in order. Thank you so much Oxana and Erich for all your help! Take care. Scott shadley@optimusparts.com Part 2. Dear Oksana and staff, I want to thank you for all of your great help with my marriage. Elena helped us in preparing for all of our paperwork. And believe me the paperwork to get married would have been a nightmare without Elena's help. The greatest gift they gave me was the opportunity to meet Julia, my wife. If anyone wants to meet the kindest and sweetest women you must come to Almaty and with Oksana's agency's help you will have a great chance to meet the love of your life. Thank you again. Sincerely, Scott P. Hadley PS-if anyone would like to e-mail me don't hesitate (shadley@optimusparts.com)
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