Встреть Мужчину Своей Мечты
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Hi Oksana. Everything is going well. I did not end up with whom I was writitng to. However, I did meet a young woman who is now my wife. I guess you were right. Keep all options open. She was the first women I met at the social. Even though we can not speak each others languages we comunicate very well. Sometime very difficult, but we manage. I want to thank the agency for all the help is making my dream come true. At this point my petition is approved and Irina will now wait for her visa appointment. It is very hard to believe we feel in love and married in such a short time. All the men on the tour support us in every way. Everyone says we make such a good couple. Well, I leave in a few days. I must make the best of the time I have left in Almaty. Say hello to Erich for us okay? Take care! I will write when I return to the US. Regards from a very happy man! Eric ccmoso@hotmail.com
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