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Наши счастливые девушки и их мужчины, нашедшие своё счастье и любовь с помощью OksanaLove
Although I've never really been a client of Oksanalove Agency, I've still had the pleasure of having close relations to the agency and the people working there. It might seem strange that I'm writing about Oksanalove when I haven't been a client. Still I have a lot to thank the agency and especially Elena and Natalia for. The 5th of June 2003 I was so lucky to start correspondence with a very sweet and intelligent girl from Kazakhstan. This girl was Layla, an employee of Oksanalove. Through nine months we corresponded daily and finally in March this year I decided to go to Almaty to meet with Layla. At this point I already had a lot of feelings for Layla and after just a few days I was sure that these feelings were love. However as the shy woman Layla is, I were rather unsure about her feelings towards me. At this point Elena and Natalia stepped in and had a little talk with me, this made me realize that Layla shared my feelings and at the same day I asked her to marry me. We decided to marry in August and before that she would come to Denmark to meet my family. A month and a half in Denmark reassured us about our love and that marriage was the right for us. Layla went back to Almaty in the end of June and after two months of missing her I came to Almaty in August to get married with her. Again Elena and Natalia stepped in and Oksanalove proved to be a big help for us. Before coming to Almaty I had prepared some papers in order for Layla and I to get married. Unfortunately there were some problems with the papers and it looked like the wedding had to be postponed for months, as it was impossible for us to get the papers done in time before I had to go home. As I said, then Oksanalove and Elena stepped in and used her contacts to make the impossible possible. On the 25th of August I married Layla, which wouldn't have happened if it weren't for Oksanalove and the help of Elena. I've had help from Oksanalove in a lot of other things and for that I'm grateful. I feel that this shows that Oksanalove will go to great lengths to make everything possible for people in love, so in my opinion they are the right people to go to if you are looking for that one special person in life. My heartfelt thanks to Oksanalove, Elena and Natalia for bringing me together with the one special person in my life. Per Madsen I'm Layla, the person who was mentioned above, recently I got married with the most wonderful guy in the world. I want to express my big gratitude to Oksanalove Agency, and namely to Elena Victorovna, Natalia, Lyuda and, of course to Oksana for making this true. I think all clients of the agency will be as happy as we are. And I am sure that your wishes to meet a right life partner will come true with Oksanalove Agency. This is all I wanted to say for now. Once again I want to thank you everybody working at this agency for the great help and support! Layla Akisheva We will be happy to answer your questions in you contact us at: happy_mole@hotmail.com
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