Встреть Мужчину Своей Мечты
Наши счастливые девушки и их мужчины, нашедшие своё счастье и любовь с помощью OksanaLove
I wanted to write to you and take the opportunity to thank everyone at Oksanalove for helping me to meet Altynai, my lovely new bride. Although my first visit to Almaty in February of this year had a rather rocky start; I was very fortunate to be given an opportunity through Oksanalove to meet Altynai near the end of my trip and quickly realized how special a person she was. Following my February trip, Altynai and I corresponded on a daily basis, and because I did not have the opportunity in February to meet Altynai's son or her family, I returned in May so that I could meet her family and we could get to know one another better. By the end of the second day of my return trip in May it was obvious to me that Altynai was the woman of my dreams and that her little boy was a wonderful child whom I would be very proud to have as my own son; so we decided to be married. With Natalia's and Elena's help we were able to arrange to be married during my stay in Kazakhstan, and I had the pleasure of experiencing the generosity and kindness of my new extended family while we quickly planned our wedding. Of course, our wedding day was everything that we could have wished for, and more. It was a special pleasure for us to have Natalia and Elena at our wedding because of the crucial role that they, along with Erich, Leila and especially Oksana had in helping Altynai and myself reach this wonderful day in our lives. Now as we begin our new challenge of bringing Altynai and our son Azary to the United States we continue to receive the support and assistance of everyone at Oksanalove and we are most appreciative of this continuing help. From the depth of our hearts, Altynai and I want to thank you for bringing us together. Shaun Hines ummon_99@yahoo.com
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