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Hello Oksana, The day I joined the agency was what I would call fate, I was writing to this beutiful woman and this carried on for 6 months within this time I had tried to go to Almaty on my own devices, booking the hotel over the internet and arranging flights as well as the invitation letter from the hotel, all was set and I went to Kasakhstan, picking up my visa for entry at Almaty airport, upon arrival it was maid very clear to me that I had no visa at the airport and that it was back in London. The return trip back on the same plane I came in on was not a happy experience. My next steps were when I found out about the social that was happening in the next few months, I wrote to Oxana and applied to go on this social, everything that could be done was done whithout any hiccups along the way, I was met by this gorgeous lady at the airport her name was Natalia and she ran the Almaty office of the agency, I was taken to a very nice hotel where I was warmly welcomed and my adventure began. I was sceptical about the whole experience that I was undertaking but this was soon dashed by the next few days, unfortunatly the proposed visit to meet with a single person was dashed when we met and instantainlessly we both new that the feelings were not there between us, but I did not give up hope around the corner was another beutiful young lady and I was with her for the 10 days whilst in Almaty and have been in contact with her ever since I have returned back to England. You must remember that when you undertake such an adventure that you should have an open mind and also that the doubt within you is like the first time you go on a roller coaster the feeling of dread and fear but once you have taken that first ride you want to do it even more. I had a wonderful time in Kasakhstan and would like to thank Oxana and all of her team for looking after me for my short but enjoyable time I had. Keith England K0112s@aol.com
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