Встреть Мужчину Своей Мечты
Наши счастливые девушки и их мужчины, нашедшие своё счастье и любовь с помощью OksanaLove

Hello Miss Oksana

Hope all has been well for you?

Been a while I know.

Well, we got the Fiancé application approved for Vera and I back in April. We are just waiting for her interview to take place in Moscow. Probably will be at the beginning of July we are thinking. Then she and her daughter will be over. 

Things could not have worked out ANY better Oksana. We are both so in love with each other and the relationship we have is the best I've ever experienced!! As they saying goes "everything happens for a reason"

My friend..first..can you refer me to whomever took and has the photos from the LA party and would have the photos of Vera and I? I have a print on the wall, but Vera is asking for the digital copy and I can't find it.

Thank you for your love tour in Sacramento and Los Angeles, I can’t imagine what would my life be like now if I didn’t attend. I definitely would not have my true love in it for sure. Thank you for everything you did for us

Yours Truly Jim

JustJims79 (at) Yahoo.com


Оксана, спасибо тебе за возможность встретить мою настоящую любовь на туре любви. Я даже не могу представить на что была бы похожа моя жизнь, если бы я не принял участие. Все случилось даже лучше, чем в моих самых смелых ожиданиях.

Как говорится, всё в жизни происходит не без причины.

Спасибо миллион раз.

Джим и Вера

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