Встреть Мужчину Своей Мечты
Наши счастливые девушки и их мужчины, нашедшие своё счастье и любовь с помощью OksanaLove

A very unique couple Jonathan and Victoria.

Both had similar experiences: they both had their share of loss, betrayal, failing in their relationships, engagements and disengagements. Both were so close to getting married, they had so many times what it seemed a right person in their life and were about to either pop a question or ready to say “yes” to a question, both were either giving or receiving engagement rings and their happiness was right there, they could taste, smell and feel it…. But….. there was always something that appeared on their way that prevented them from keeping and enjoying this happiness forever. It seems like the faith was keeping them away from all other candidates and was “saving” them for each other.

Do you believe in faith? I certainly do, I Also believe that all things in this life happen for a reason. I believe that Jonathan and Victoria had to come to my agency for a reason and they had to find me and had to open up to me and learn to trust me so I helped them to meet each other.

Jonathans’ and Victoria’s story is teaching us to never give up at possibility of happiness regardless of how many times you been burned, taken advantage of or stepped on your heart. Just dust off, shake off that negative experience and move forward. Keep knocking on those doors as one of those doors certainly will be opened by that special someone who will change your life to the best ... forever!


"I have known Oksana and her agency for many years, and Oksana has been the best and the most persistent in trying to find the lady of my dreams. 

When I first started looking into this agency, I have already tried the many various dating agencies that America has to offer including speed-dating services (3-minute, 5-minute & 10-minute ones), matchmakers (Its Just Lunch & Table for Six), and online services (Match.com & E-Harmony) - just to name a few.  

Although I was able to meet and date quite a number of women, I still could not find the "perfect" one, regardless the amount of money I paid them.

Maybe it was my past experience of heartbreak that held me back, or maybe I'm just being picky that prevented me from finding my true love. But I knew that she was out there, somewhere in this world. I have decided to look in other parts of the world; since I heard that Russian women were the most gorgeous women in a world the choice was made relatively easily.

Just like any American man, I was definitely concerned and suspicious about the "marrying for the green card only" issue.

But with hesitancy, I decided to have OksanaLove help me, I have decided to dedicate myself to 90 days of taking action to transform my life, follow step by step instructions and guidance of my matchmaker. And to my surprise she was persistent with my search.

Without making this story too lengthy, I will just say that I have met some of the most beautiful women through OksanaLove and all of them are very serious in finding the right man. My matchmaker was by my side every step of the way; she understood quickly what type of woman I was looking for. Because of that she was able to introduce me to many wonderful ladies.

And I finally at one point received a call from my matchmaker in October 2013. She told me that she has finally found "THE ONE" for me. I trust her and I decided to see who she is raving about... She  was right!

I met Victoria (Vika). We were first introduced via Skype, and I was blown away that Vika was even more beautiful than her profile photos... I was hooked!

When Vika and I decided to meet in person, my matchmaker guided us through every step of the way.

We met in Punta Cana... And after spending only just one day with Vika, I knew she was the one for me; and before I returned home to the USA, we were engaged.

Before all of this, I would have never thought that this agency and this program would be different from all the other dating/matchmaking services. I'm glad I was wrong and gave OksanaLove a chance.

Even after the engagement, my matchmaker is still helping and guiding us. Not only is she just a matchmaker, SHE IS A FRIEND.

Thank you Oksana, Julia and OksanaLove team, for everything! – Jonathan"

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