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David’s and Sasha’s story.

David and Alexandra met via my site a while back. Sasha’s situation was rather “challenging” but nobody knew how truly challenging it was until David got involved in it. You see, Aleksanda (Sasha) visited USA under fiancée visa before she met David and she got married to her fiancée while being in USA, but several days after their marriage they decided that it is better for her to leave USA, and that’s exactly what she did. Shortly after arriving back to her home town, Sasha foufd out that she is going to become a mother to her husband’s child. She was at the position now that she could not return back to USA since she left the country without changing her status on documents and to add on the top of it, a child’s father was sent to jail due to some fraud activity. So, Alexandra was now left with a small child, being married to USA citizen but unable to enter or return back to USA, without a penny in her pocket and without any help at all. You get the picture….

And  David stepped into all this. He had a lot of mess to clean up and quite honestly I didn’t believe he would be able to go through the whole process as there was really ton of cleaning up needed to be done. As David said:

“there has been many changes and waiting on this entire process. Sasha and I have finally gotten an interview date for the Embassy in Almaty. She flew back there in November from Dominican. We had a long wait and many hurdles to over come to get to this point. First it was the divorce to Todd which was granted in November 2012, next the papers to get Alan the baby his US Passport which was granted in June of 2013 and then we began the process of Sasha fiance visa. The holidays and the US governent shutdown had slowed the process a little but Sasha interview is scheduled for next month on February. She will fly here soon after the Visa is granted.

We did however get engaged on the trip to bangkok and Phukett Thailand.

I will be more than happy to share with you any details on your website about our happiness.”

And you bet Sasha knows very well that she got a real caring man by her side and someone she totally can relay on; as it had been tested, David is someone who would not easily quit. As Sasha told me just few days ago:

“ß åãî ëþáëþ áîëüøå æèçíè . Îí çàìå÷àòåëüíûé ìóæ÷èíà è õîðîøèé îòåö äëÿ àëàíà . (inlove)” – “I love him more than my life. He is a wonderful man and he is a great dad to Alan”.

David’s and Sasha’s example are teaching us how to never get scared of challenges as pay off can be truly great one, and never quit at true love regardless of how hard the path to it might seem.


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