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Russian dating agency Oksanalove. History of introduction agency, we have been in business since 1996!

Hello, My name is Oksana.
Let me tell you about how this agency started. When I was 16 I was advised to mail my photos and biography to a Western marriage agency. I did not believe then that it was real, but in a short time I began to receive letters from men from all over the world. That was really interesting and fun. Later my girlfriends asked me to help them and got involved in this, then their girlfriends, and so on. It turned out that almost every young girl back then would like to marry a man from abroad. That was a long time before I began to plan, collect some ideas and start this agency. First I saved up some money to buy one basic computer to start the work for our women.

The idea of creating an agency like this came into my mind several years ago, to be exact in summer of 1996. The main idea was to create an ideal agency not only to make money but also to help people in this amazing adventure of finding the love of their life. We all need that special someone who we can be honest with and we can share our emotions, dreams, happiness or concerns with. Nobody wants to be lonely!

The purpose of our agency is to help those who come to us find a friend, a mate, a husband or wife. We strongly believe that we are able with each other's help to achieve terrific results and help each other.

Initially the service was free of charge to men. As we grew, we added more and more services, like gifts for the ladies, or special photos. Our latest and best addition is the personalized tour we offer to woman's country or meeting your special lady in Romantic Caribbean's, as well as personal and group parties introductions to eastern European ladies in USA. Please check out our pages, and see what we can do for you. Would you like to know more about us? Check out all the services we offer.

We tailored all of our services to you. We do not make "wholesale" tours, and will not push any of our services on you. We are here to genuinely help with every step until you find just the right person you can say to with happiness "I do".
I and my team are looking forward serving you

Oksana Boichenko
The Owner of Oksanalove Introduction agency



Dear friends and future clients!

Let me introduce myself: My name is Oksana Boichenko, and I am the CEO of the International ELITE Dating Agency "OKSANALOVE".

Being one of those Russian women I represent, I have knowledge of the societies and cultures of Asia, Russia and the Ukraine. In addition my relocation to the States gives me all the needed knowledge to help men avoid mistakes dealing with Russian women. The women presented on this site were carefully selected out of thousands of applicants. We screen our ladies and all ladies presented here had been met by someone we trust, it is either one of our employees or one of our agents. That's why you will not find hundreds of thousands profiles on this site but will find only several hundred, but those hundreds are the BEST out of the BEST you'd meet anywhere.

Our personal attention to every situation helps us become good friends with our male and female clients. Our assistance is always there for you during every step of the relationship establishment and building process. My staff is professionally trained to follow the Western standards of doing business. You will be surrounded with warmth, understanding and care during your contact with our agency, not only during your travel abroad but also during your correspondence with our ladies.
Our ladies are waiting for new acquaintances that will blossom into love and marriage, and our family will grow all over the world with happy clients and new friends. Looking forward servicing you. MORE ABOUT OKSANA


Oksana Boichenko
CEO of Oksanalove,INC
Sacramento, CA, USA

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Dear friends!

My name is Maria, I am the manager at the Lugansk office of Oksanalove. It is my pleasure to work at this agency.

Originally from Ukraine, I have lived and worked in the United States for seven years as a journalist. I have had an opportunity to travel the world some (England, India, Turkey, etc.) and always enjoy learning about other cultures. The key things I gained from all my life experiences are the value of people and importance of communication. My goal as the manager of this agency is to provide you superb customer service and help you in any way possible.

I hope to become your trusted guide in navigating the world of international online dating and finding someone to share your life with.

Best wishes,


TOO Oksanalove Ukraine

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